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Amarillo Basketball Officials
Registration and Tests required
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On behalf of the board and our membership, thank you for your interest in officiating basketball and joining our chapter.

You will need to contact Mitch Lowe, our Treasurer, to become a member. You may email him by clicking here or just come to a meeting to get your membership started.

The State now requires all officials to be registered and it is completed on the State website which you can get to by clicking on the registration link below. I also have a registration instruction sheet (in pdf format) that is available in a link below. This sheet will aid you in getting registered and explain the steps involved. I recommend downloading the pdf instruction sheet to follow or have 2 browser windows open so you can reference the instruction sheet as you are going through the numerous registration screens. The State now collects the state dues directly, no longer paying our chapter then sending to state. This payment is done online as the last step of the registration process. If you don't have a card to use online then you can mail a check to them (instructions on the screen).

After you are registered you will need to complete the OCP-Officials Compliance Program. There is a link on the same State site called OCP. You'll need to read the statement and read UIL Section 1204 which covers contest rules, including officiating and pay policies.

You will also need to take the Part 1 test and one mechanics test (2-man if you are newer, 3 man if you are a playoff official) and make at least a 70 before calling games. These tests must be taken by Nov. 30th.

In order to call any playoff games, local, UIL neutral assignments or Regional and State tournaments, you must score at least 90 on the Part 1, 92 on 3-man mechanics, and 90 on the PPO (Part 2 test).

Test scores to: Begin  Officiate any
  Officiating  playoffs
Rules Part 1
2-man mechanics 70  
3-man mechanics   92
Rules Part 2 (PPO)   90

The tests link is located on the same page as the registration & certification. It is open book and you can take the Rules part 1 & mechanics tests 99 times, and the PPO Rules part 2 test 4 times. You do NOT have to take the Rules part 2 test unless you are a playoff official. Keep taking them until you make your desired grade.

The Part II (PPO) test may only be taken 4 times so you better have your books handy and make sure of your answers. Only take this test if you are experienced enough to officiate playoff games.

The U.I.L. & the THSBOA have made it very clear that they will declare any individual official or chapter ineligible to officiate any level of U.I.L. games for the season if requirements are not met.

If there is something that the instructions don't answer for you email me.

Thank you again.

Eric Benson, Vice-President